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The Fundação Oriente is proud to show in Goa the António Xavier Trindade Collection and contribute to preserving the memory of a remarkable figure of the Indian culture.




Since 24 de November 2012 the Fundação Oriente delegation in India, located in Panjim, Goa, is holding the exhibition António Xavier Trindade – a painter from Goa (1870-1935). The exhibit shows a set of 29 oil paintings, watercolours and drawings belonging to a collection of 144 works by both the painter himself and his daughter Ângela Trindade (1909-1980). In 2004, the Esther Trindade Trust, also known as António Xavier Trindade Foundation donated the collection to the Fundação Oriente.

The painter’s work is paradigmatic of the crossing of Eastern and Western cultures. Trained at an English school he consequently chose a typically western artistic career. Yet, Xavier Trindade, borne in Sanguem, Goa, always remained faithful to the people and landscapes of India.

Comprising three different sectors - portrait, landscape and still life – works shown in this Goa exhibition date back from the 1920s and 1930s and correspond to the period in which the painter reached full maturity.