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Instituto Menezes de Bragança and Kala Academy, Panjim – Goa


The 19th edition of the Portuguese Song Contest – Vem Cantar took place in Goa during the months of September and October 2017. As in its previous editions, the level of participation and visibility exceeded all our expectations, making this initiative the best and most effective tool for promoting Portuguese language and culture in Goa.

An initiative of the Heritage Cell of the Rosary College of Commerce and Arts and Fundação Oriente, Vem Cantar counts with the collaboration of Indo-Portuguese Culture Week and the support of Clube Harmonia, Clube Nacional, Clube Vasco da Gama, Instituto Camões, Cidade de Goa, Marcou Artifacts, The Coconut Tree, Goa Tiles, Nostalgia, Martins, Poshak, Navtara, Poshak and Indo-Portuguese Friendship Society.
The Portuguese Song Contest - Solo competition was held on 16th September at the Menezes de Bragança Institute in Panjim and had an absolute record of participants - 81 soloists (in 2016 we had 51 soloists) and 69 musicians, with a total of 150 artists divided into 4 subcategories. The auditorium with about 450 seats was full for this marathon of over 6 hours of music.
The Category Groups took place on the 13th October at the Kala Academy in Panjim and was attended by 36 groups. During this session there were 216 singers of 72 musicians on stage divided into 3 subcategories. More than 900 seats were filled with an audience that withstood 5 hours of a great show.
The awards, in addition to the cash prizes offered by the Oriente Foundation and the Indo-Portuguese Culture Week, included vouchers for products, restaurants and hotels from our supporters.
Summing up, at the 19th edition of the Portuguese Song Contest - Vem Cantar, we heard 11 hours of Portuguese music, we had the participation of 438 singers and musicians, 9 jurors and with an audience composed of more than 1350 people.
The winners of the two finals were:

8 – 11 years old

  1. Vânia Maria Nunes (Verna)
  2. Mia Coutinho (Dona Paula)
  3. Athena Kyra Maria Souza (Calangute)
  4. Kevin Jude do Rosário Ferrão (Aldona)
  5. Saachi V. Tamba (Caranzalem)

12 – 15 years old        

  1. Poorita Nelly Vaz (Margão)
  2. Osler Ben Dias (Margão)
  3. Swaara Prabhudessai (Curtorim)
  4. Eric John Pereira (Fatorda)
  5. Samaira Nadia Furtado (Bambolim)   

16 – 20 years old     

  1. Daniella Fernandes (Margão)
  2. Sherry Fernandes (Vasco)
  3. Aashna Nitin Kuncolienkar (Dona Paula)
  4. Benécia Colaço (Margão)
  5. Naisa Lotlekar (Velha Goa)

21 years and above      

  1. Linus Fernandes (Vasco)
  2. Bianca Maria Menezes (Verna)
  3. Anslem Xavier Fernandes (Colva)
  4. Cosme Sávio das Merces Araújo (Verna)
  5. Artemizia Barbara Dias (Dramapur)

Junior A

  1. Os Jovens de Don Bosco       
  2. Os Rouxinóis           
  3. Encantar           
  4. Maravilhas de Fátima
  5. Os Conquistadores & Pequenos Cantores

Junior B

  1. Os Menestréis            
  2. Fadistas de Gema           
  3. As Estrelas           
  4. Boa Mistura           
  5. Os Agudos


  1. Ritmo da Revolução           
  2. Bandidos           
  3. Luz das Estrelas