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The Fundação Oriente

The Fundação Oriente




  The Fundação Oriente was created on 18 March 1988 and is a non-profit-making private law organisation with established legal status.

The Fundação Oriente was recognised as being of public utility in Portugal by a declaration in the supplement to Diário da República, nº. 10, II Série, 6 March 1989, and in Macao by Decree Law nº. 16/89/M, 8 March, published in the Boletim Oficial de Macau, No. 10.

The Fundação was established by the Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau (STDM) as part of the conditions imposed by the Macao Administration for the concession of exclusive gambling rights in Macao until 31 December 2001.
On 20 June 1997, following consultations by both parties, and with the Foundation's concurrence, the Luso-Chinese Link Group - under the guidance of the respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Portugal and China - decided that as from January 1996, the regular income stipulated in the contract for the exclusive gambling rights in the Territory of Macao would cease being paid to the Fundação Oriente. Instead, they would be paid to another foundation to be set up and based in Macao. This ended the 10-year link that had existed between the Fundação Oriente and the gambling contract in Macao.

The Fundação Oriente is a founder member of the European Foundation Centre (EFC). This association is based in Brussels and brings together around 200 of the leading European foundations, in addition to co-operating with 7,000 non-profit-making organisations in 35 countries.
In Portugal, the Fundação Oriente led the process to create the Portuguese Foundation Centre (CPF), which was started in 1993 in association with the Fundação Eng. António de Almeida and the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

The Foundation is headquartered in Lisbon and has delegations in Macao, India and East-Timor.

Fundação Oriente
Edifício Pedro Álvares Cabral
Doca de Alcântara Norte
1350-352 LISBON
Tel. (853) 21 358 52 00
Fax: (853) 21 352 70 42
E-mail: info@foriente.pt