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The Fundação has made great efforts to encourage artistic interchanges between Portugal and the Orient, as is clear from the organisation and support given to hundreds of exhibitions by artists from those locations.

Nonetheless, it is in the field of music where understanding between East and West is clearest. Several hundred musical performances have been organised or supported by the Fundação in Macao, India and other countries in the Far East, as well as in Portugal. These have been part of a programme which aims to promote Portuguese music and encourage exchange visits by artists and performers.

On a more modest scale, the Fundação also supports theatre and dance, setting up shows, organising theatre festivals and tours of the Orient by leading Portuguese puppet theatres and support, mainly in Macao, for dance schools.

Also in this field, the Fundação has a prominent role in publishing mainly works related to our presence in the Orient such as unpublished sources and works of thesis that have made a major contribution to altering or broadening specialist knowledge in these areas.

The Fundação Oriente’s work in the recovery of architectural and cultural heritage has also been of great importance, and it can rightly be proud of its leading role in this field, especially in Macao and India as well as in Portugal. Here the Fundação has supported in various occasions the recovery of State monuments.