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MAY 9, 10, 11, 12

TRIMURTI (Portugal, Vietnam, India, Japan)
Mário Laginha (Portugal) - piano
Ngyen Lê (Vietnam) - guitars
Prabhu Edouard (India) – tablas
Joji Hirota (Japan) – taiko and shakuhachi drum

About the name for this project - "Trimurti" - it was suggested to me by a music teacher (ethnomusicologist) who explained that this word is sanskrit and means Triumvirate - the trilogy that exists in several religions. It also means a Trinity that is permanently recreating itself, rying to achieve always a better spiritual level and is related with life and myth. We, too, with our music are always trying to recreate ourselves and do our best to write the best music together. That's why I thought this could be a very good name. The word "Trimurti" also sounds beautifully in Portuguese and this is also important.

Mário Laginha

To commemorate the opening of the Museu do Oriente, the Fundação Oriente commissioned pianist Mário Laginha to compose a piece dedicated to the East to premiere on the auditorium opening night. To accompany him on this adventure, the Portuguese pianist invited some of the most renowned instrumentalists from across the region. From Japan came Joji Hirota, a respected master of both taiko (traditional Japanese drums) and various other forms of percussion as well as a renowned flutist.
Also a percussionist, but originally from India, there is Prabhu Edouard, a young instrumentalist of undisputed quality and virtuoso talent. This musician, currently living in Paris, is a rising talent in the art of tabla playing.
The final Mário Laginha guest is the extraordinary Vietnamese guitarist Nguyen Lê, a jazz musician whose work has also extended to his nation’s traditional musical forms, rock (recording a fantastic performance and record in homage to Jimi Hendrix), funk, among many others.

PRICE: € 20.00
Over 4 yrs.
APPROX. LENGTH: 75 minutes

Co-production: Fundação Oriente /Sons em Trânsito