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Long Term Workshops

Workshop 1
May 24
My Heroic Face
Warrior, god or wizard? Which would you choose? Behind a mask you can be whoever you want and embark on the conquest of new worlds, slaying dragons and crossing oceans! A workshop on the construction of plaster of Paris masks shaped to your own face and then painted in the style of the heroes and gods that inhabit the museum. 
Workshop 2
June 14
Spice Tinted Paints
What are the colours and flavours of India? From cinnamon brown, the brilliant red of saffron through to the yellow of curry, we take you on a voyage of the senses. Touch, smell and taste are our guides in this kitchen workshop that deploys spices as paints. 

Workshop 3
June 28
Hats, There’s Lots!
What would a Thai hat look like? What might it be made of? And how? Would it be the same as a Chinese hat? This workshop reinvents, through recourse to recycled materials, the traditional Thai hat.