Primary School (1st cycle)

Visit + Workshop 
Guided tour of the Museum or a temporary exhibition and a complementary workshop. 
Length: 90 mins.
Maximum number participants: 25
Age range: 6-10 years
Price €2.00/participant

Aromas of the Orient
Concepts: Flavours, Colours, Senses
Museums can be a box of sensory experiences. Can we discover a piece of work through our senses beyond vision and touch? During this visit, children encounter various references to spices and learn about their respective histories before moving onto the Education Service «kitchen» to produce their own spice paints and give free reign to their imagination. 
I Mask Myself, You Mask Yourself, We All Mask Ourselves! 
Concepts: Identity, Masks, Theatre
I can suddenly become another person. As if in fairytale, I wave a wand and… WHOOSH! I am a god, a dragon, witch or clown. An artistic workshop featuring plaster of Paris mask making and painting inspired on examples found in the collection. The event culminates with a short performance recreating the episode dealt with during the visit.