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Goals and Activity



The Fundação Oriente aims at pursuing activities of a cultural, educational, artistic, scientific, social and philanthropic nature, namely in Portugal and Macao that shall aim to develop and continue the historical and cultural ties linking Portugal and the Orient, specifically China.

According to the by-laws, the Fundação shall organise, particularly in Macao, activities that aim to enhance its cultural and artistic wealth.

The People’s Republic of China as well as India, East Timor, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia are the countries where the Fundação has been more active. In the Americas, particularly in Brazil, Canada and the United States, and also in Australia, the Fundação is particularly active among the communities of Macanese emigrants who have settled in those countries.

The Fundação is geographically active from Europe to Asia, the main areas of activity being culture, education and science and philantropy.