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The Fundação Oriente’s delegation in the Macao Special Administrative Region, open ever since the establishment of the Fundação Oriente in Lisbon, carries out a richly varied programme of cultural, social and educational activities. These are either organised by the Fundação itself or supported through subsidies to public and private bodies.
The Fundação plays in Macao a decisive role in two projects in the field of education and training. These projects, the Portuguese Oriental Institute (IPOR) and the Macao Portuguese School, aim to maintain the close links between Macao and Portugal.

The first has taught Portuguese as a foreign language since 1981 on both a six-year course and through courses for specific professional areas.
The Portuguese Oriental Institute also supports the Portuguese readerships in the People`s Republic of China. In addition, it runs a programme of cultural activities that supports the spread of the Portuguese language. IPOR also opened and runs the Portuguese Bookshop in Macao.
The Macao Portuguese School, established in 1998, guarantees primary, basic and secondary education in Portuguese, providing Macao with a vital infrastructure for the Portuguese and Macanese communities.
The Portuguese School is run by the Portuguese School Foundation, which is financed by the Ministry of Education, the Fundação Oriente and the Association for the Promotion of Education in Macao, which has existed for over 70 years.
The delegation is located in a listed building - the Casa Garden - purchased from the Portuguese Government at the end of the 1980s.

The Casa Garden is one of the most outstanding examples of Macao’s architectural heritage based on European models. The building dates back to the second half of the 18th century and originally belonged to a family of Portuguese aristocrats. It was later rented to the British East India Company and was successively the place chosen to house visiting embassies from the Imperial Court and the head office of several governmental departments in Macao.
The Casa Garden has a temporary exhibition gallery and an auditorium for conferences, music performances, film shows and theatre productions.

Praça Luís de Camões, 13
People’s Republic of China
Tel. 55 46 91/55 46 99 – Fax: 57 14 00
E-mail: fom@macau.ctm.net