East Timor

East Timor



The Fundação Oriente has an important record of involvement with the Timorese people and cause. Over the years, this has taken the form of grantings and financial support to a vast range of iniciatives.
Following the referendum on 30 August 1999 and tragic events that occurred in the aftermath, the Fundação Oriente was one of the first Portuguese institutions to immediately grant emergency support during the transition period. At the same time the Fundação Oriente has made known its decision to open a delegation in Dili, as soon as the situation would allow it.

October 2000 saw the completion of negotiations to purchase what was left of a Portuguese-style residence, located in the Leicidere area of Dili.
The premises are equipped with a modern auditorium which is often used by other local institutions.

Rua 30 de Agosto, nº 78
East Timor
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