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Services provided

Documental consultation
A large percentage of the collection may be accessed and freely consulted. Some documents need to be requested from the visitor helpdesk. Certain types of documents must be requested at the  helpdesk.

Information and referencing services
Provide support to users in researching and collating information and documentation as well as assistance in ensuring the efficient utilisation of sources and informative resources. This service may be provided on location or by phone or e-mail.

Consulting the bibliographic catalogue and other data bases
The Documentation Centre bibliographic catalogue is open to public access in conjunction with Internet links to bibliographic data bases established by other national and international institutions.

Copying documents
Copies of documents may be made in either paper or digital format. For further information, please read the regulations.

Carrying out documentary researches
The Documentation Centre  provides documentary research services on request. For further information, please read the regulations.