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  • The utilisation of Documentation Centre facilities and services necessarily requires an awareness about, understanding and acceptance of these rules and regulations,
  • The Documentation Centre is a reading and studying environment and, as such, an appropriate ambience should always prevail and one that is conducive to activities needing concentration,
  • The Documentation Centre is open to all users over the age of fourteen. Younger persons may gain access on provision of special authorisation,
  • In order to access the services provided by the Documentation Centre, users need only to fill out the registration form at the reception desk. Furthermore, registration on the users database provides added benefits such as the regular sending of information on Museu do Oriente activities and integration into the selective information distribution system,
  • Only in-person consultation is allowed at the Documentation Centre,
  • Mobile phones are to be either turned off or left in silent mode whilst on Documentation Centre premises,
  • Following the consultation of works, users are to leave them in the purpose provided recipients, either on the respective tables or at the reception desk and should not be returned to the shelves,
  • Drinking, eating and smoking is not permitted within the Documentation Centre,
  • The security of personal items belonging to users is exclusively their own responsibility,
  • Users are warned by members of staff ten minutes prior to the closure of the Documentation Centre,
  • The computers available in the reading room are exclusively for purposes directly related to studies and research within the framework of specialist Documentation Centre themes,
  • The Documentation Centre reserves the right to prohibit users in case of non-compliance with these regulations or whenever their behaviours fall beyond the scope of those appropriate to such environments.

  • The document service is designed to provide users with lists of references to documents incorporated into the Documentation Centre collection,
  • This service is undertaken in accordance with prior analysis of the information needs of the respective user,
  • The document reference lists are designed only to support users in guiding their bibliographic research and are not for utilisation either in publications or in academic presentations.

  • Use of personal digitalisation or photographic devices is not permitted,
  • The usage of document copy services is only ever authorised whenever this does not jeopardise the state of document preservation,
  • Documents are copied by the users themselves and through recourse to the equipment available in the Documentation Centre and following the respective payment,
  • The legislation in effect, as regards copyright and royalties payments, should be respected whenever using the document copy service and compliance is entirely down to the user’s responsibility,
  • Copies of documents are made for the purposes of research, study and personal documentation. Utilisation for any other purpose is subject to the legislation in effect with compliance entirely down to the user’s responsibility,
  • The digital copying of documents should be requested at the reception desk or by email and complete the following procedures:
  • Filling in the respective form,
  • Payment is to be carried out on submitting the order,
  • Acceptance of the digital copy request is dependent on service availability,
  • The digital format (CD, DVD) is provided by the Documentation Centre,
  • The delivery of the copy is made on a date pre-agreed with the user,
  • Whenever technically possible, copies may be dispatched by email.

 The document copy prices in effect are the following:

Photocopy b/w (A4)    €0.10

Photocopy b/w (A3)    €0.20
Photocopy color (A4)    €0.40
Photocopy color (A3)    €0.80
Print b/w (A4)    €0.10
Print b/w (A3)    €0.20
Print color (A4)    €0.45
Print color (A3)    €0.60
Digitalisation     €2.50 (each image)
CD – each    €2.00
DVD – each    €3.00

  • The document copy prices are available and on display in the Documentation Centre for consultation by users. These prices are subject to alteration by the Fundação Oriente at any moment in time.
  • The Documentation Centre reserves the right not to authorise the copying of documents for technical or other reasons.