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Don`t Touch My Hands

MAY 10, 11
15:00 and 16:30
Shadows with hands

Valeria Guglietti (Argentina) – Creator and puppeteer

A performance in which Chinese shadow puppetry encounters silent cinema with the humour and music combining to create a collection of stories packed with amusement and appealing to a wide range of publics. Valeria Guglietti is the globally renowned puppeteer specialising in shadows produced by her hands, resulting from the enormous dexterity built up by playing the piano as from her childhood. Her fingers prove able to imitate all types of creatures and endow them with living form. Through recourse to a single spotlight and both hands, Valeria Guglietti creates fantastic images that enact short stories reaching out to the imagination of the audience.

PRICE: FREE ENTRY (ask for your ticket at the entrance).
Over 6 yrs.
APPROX. LENGTH: 30 minutes, no intermission
Organised by: A Tarumba
Co-production: Fundação Oriente/FIMFA Lx8