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Theme Tours

International Museum Day
May 18

The Museu do Oriente invites you to learn more on how “Museums act as agents of social change and development”, staging activities structurally ranging from cultural interchange, serving to enrich cultures, through to the development of a mutual understanding and universal cooperation.

Visit + Workshop – Which Mask Is You?
Warrior, god or wizard? Which would you choose? Behind a mask you can be whoever you want and embark on the conquest of new worlds, slaying dragons and crossing oceans! A workshop on the construction of plaster of Paris masks shaped to your own face and then painted in the style of the heroes and gods that inhabit this Museum. 

SE Workshop | Floor -1

Workshop – ACIDI: Intercultural Education for Young People

We may live in a global village but are we really “all different and all the same”? Come and try out and compare the different approaches to issues around acceptance and the management of differences.

Beijing Room | Floor 0
Minimum of 15 and maximum of 25 participants
Age Range: 10 to 16
Prior booking is required

Guided Tours
General Tours
A general tour of the Museum takes in the broad sweep of the various exhibitions while highlighting a few particular aspects in promoting discovery and communication.

Masks of Asia exhibition

Crinabel Theatre

Auditorium | Floor 5

World Child Day
June 1

For World Child Day, we aim to celebrate diversity, play and social interaction! Our activities focus on new forms of expression and the challenge we set for children lies in the invention of new worlds and new personalities!

Morning | Workshop for Children

The Story of Momotaro (The Peach Boy)

Come and discover the lovely Japanese story of a boy who by miracle is born inside a peach and turns into a great warrior. With him, you learn about the Kabuki and Nô theatre styles and discover the differences between these two types of representation. At the end, you get to bring to life all of the fantastic beings peopling this narrative!

Minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 participants
Age Range: 6-10
SE Room, Floor -1
Refreshments are served during the interval.

Yoga for Children | From the other side of the world

When two peoples meet, there is a sharing of wisdom and traditions. Discover the similarities and differences. Through story, in which animals are our guide, we learn about the wealth of knowledge existing in Western and Oriental cultures. A workshop featuring stories, yoga positions, cooperative games, songs and artistic expression activities.

Minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 participants
Age Range: 5-11
Macau Room
Children are to be comfortably dressed.


Origami Workshops
Do you know about the many forms a sheet of paper can take? Through origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, you learn how to fold at the pace of your imagination in the creation of your own works of art!

16:00- 17:00
Maximum of 30 participants
Age Range: 6-12

Throughout the day
Workshop for children
Making Chinese hats

On this special day, take home a present made with your very own hands. The objective set is the making of a genuine but personalised Chinese hat.

Age Range: 6 -12


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