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Pre-school activities

Visits – games
Educational-entertaining activities taking place inside the Museum.

Length: 1 hr.
Maximum number of participants: 20
Age range: 3-6 years
Price: €2.00/participant

Exotic Creatures
Concepts: Habitat, Fauna, Flora
Did you know there are many plants and animals running loose around the Museum? What are they like? Will they be the same as those we are used to? Why can we find some but not others? Let’s try and discover them in this adventure… Many of them are well hidden… you need to search hard to hear and feel them. A visit-game that includes a discovery kit complete with magnifying glass, rulers, pictures, plans and maps to best explore the Museum…
Treasure Chest
Concepts: Collection, Museum, Heritage
What is a museum? A treasure chest? A place to store objects of great worth? And a collection? How long does it take to build up?
The visit begins with an empty chest and a large and diverse set of objects (including instruments, snuff boxes, replicas, images, clothes, props, etc.) words and emotions… Slowly, the chest gets filled with objects of great value to become a veritable treasure chest. 
Every Mask Tells a Tale
Concepts: Narratives, Story Telling, Creativity
Once upon a time… a happy and charming gentleman or perhaps… a courageous monster wanting to destroy the demons surrounding his people! Come and help us tell the stories hidden behind the masks or invent totally new ones. This visit– game is based on the mask collection that, with a touch of magic, emerges out of the display cases. 

Shadow Theatre 
Concepts: Theatre, Narrative, History
Three gongs, the curtain rises and the actors emerge: through their voices we learn of various countries and end this voyage in a small shadow theatre where we discover all about the secrets and mysteries of each puppet…