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University Groups

General Tours
Guided tours providing a general perspective on the two Museum collections or on the respective temporary exhibition.
Length: 90 mins.
Maximum number of participants: 25
Price: €1.00/participant

Routes of the Orient 
Concepts: Culture, Acculturation, History, Religion, Art

This visit provides an oversight on the different cultures on display, their relationship with European history and their evolution over the course of time. Specific focuses include the main festivities, the role of artistic creativity and their respective symbolical, social and anthropological meanings. 

The Universe of Masks 
Concepts: Narrative, Masks, History

Voyage through the universe of the masks of Asia, establishing the differences and classifying them according to their respective types, origins, uses and means of construction. 

Meetings between the Museum and the University

As a facility given over to culture and education, the Museu do Oriente is in a position to proceed with projects in coordination with a range of Universities.

Tailored Museum Tours

Following prior agreement, we provide guided tours to the Gods of Asia and Portuguese Presence in Asia exhibitions in accordance with your objectives and taught program. The result is a dually designed visit: by the teacher and the Education Service to bring the Museum to the University.

Length: 2 hours
Maximum number of participants: 25
Price: €1.00/participant
From Warehouse to Museum
Concepts: Heritage, Space, History, City, Museum

This tour takes groups through the differing parts of the building architecturally designed by João Carrilho da Graça and landscaped by Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles. This tour is then complemented by a multimedia presentation on the building, an architectonic symbol of the Salazar regime and port architecture of the 1940s and on the importance of architecture to contemporary museology.

Length: 1 hour
Maximum number of participants: 25
Price: €1.00/participant