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The Fundação Oriente is proud to show in Goa the António Xavier Trindade Collection and contribute to preserving the memory of a remarkable figure of the Indian culture.




The Trindade Collection was donated to Fundação Oriente by the Esther Trindade Trust in 2004. This collection includes 144 works by the renowned Goan painter António Xavier Trindade (1870-1935) and that of his daughter Ângela Trindade (1909-1980), also an accomplished artist.

To accommodate the Trindade Collection, Fundação Oriente adapted several areas of its building in Goa, which has resulted in the gallery that permanently displays the artist’s work.

The set of works exhibit permanently is composed by 31 oils, watercolours and drawings, displayed in two different groups: portraits and landscapes. These works were produced essentially during the 1920s and 1930s and correspond to the period in which the painter was highly acclaimed and his work reached full maturity.

The work of António Xavier Trindade skilfully interweave the cultural universes of the Subcontinent and Western Europe, ensuring that he won great acclaim and the highest honours an artist could aspire for in India at that time.

Influenced by his western upbringing and European artistic trends of that period, Trindade knew how to integrate this legacy naturally into his paintings, either by the themes he chose or the way he approached them.

Despite opting for a Western-style artistic career, the artist born in Sanguem, Goa remained always loyal to the people and landscapes of India.